Trip 15: Chongqing
(June 13-18, 2012)

Baodingshan, Dazu, Chongqing

This trip was relatively short, just a few days in Chongqing Municipality. I knocked three temples off my list, and took a side trip to see some of the amazing rock carvings of Dazu County.

A quick appreciation: Several (online) commentators said that Beishan may be "disappointing" after visiting Baodingshan. I disagree. Admittedly, the work at Baodingshan is colossal. But there is a popular, almost cartoonish quality to many of Baodingshan's images. I found the work at Beishan to be of a more artistic quality. There is little at Baodingshan I would call "exquisite"; but much at Beishan is.

Incidentally, here's a brief itinerary for Trip 15 on my Key Temples archive.


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