Prajna Spring, Wutaishan, Shanxi
(August 29, 2012)

(1) Last night I was reading about a "Prajna (Wisdom) Spring" very near my hotel. I read that "one's wisdom would increase easily" after drinking its water. The front desk told me where it was--just behind a hotel across the street from mine, and near Shuxiang Temple--so I set out to find it (bags and all) on my way to the bus station. Well, I found it, but...

This photo shows what I expected to find. (It's "borrowed" from; scroll down to "Prajna spring [Bor-Yeah spring]" and read the whole story before going to the next picture.)

(2) Instead, here's what I found: The girl from the nearby hotel is washing her mops. And see the guy washing the car behind her? Those are his floor mats hanging over the dragon spout! Such respect for the "holy spring."

+ + + + + + + +

And that's it for Wutai Shan. I had my bags with me when I visited the spring, and headed for the bus to Taiyuan. Two more official temples this trip, but several more unofficial ones. The count now stands at 130--only 12 more to go!

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