Bishan Temple, Wutaishan, Shanxi
(August 25, 2012)

(1) After some walking and some bussing, I finally reached the third and last of the somewhat remote temples I needed to see on Wutai Shan (although this one, at least, was on a bus route). The screen wall of Bishan Temple is on one side of the road, the gateway on the other--not uncommon in China.

This temple, by the way, has great significance for Bill Porter as seen in his book, Zen Baggage.

(2) The approach to the first hall, where the Laughing Buddha and the Heavenly Kings reside.

(3) Lion and bell tower

(4) The first hall is called Leiyin, ("sound of thunder"), and is dedicated to my favorite Buddha.

(5) Usually we can't go inside, but there was a ceremony, and I snuck in during a break. Here is Vairochana, my personal Buddha.

(6) The back of that hall has a portico for the Guanyin statue inside.

(7) Looking back from the side of the Leiyin Hall toward the Patriarch's Hall and the Drum Tower.

(8) The next hall is called the "Abstinence Altar Hall." I don't know what that means, but it may be for ordinations?

(9) The altar itself is supposedly there, somewhere under all the statues and the paraphernalia.

(10) Another interesting thing in this hall: There were tiny Buddhas up above.

(11) A closer look at some of the "10,000 Buddhas."

(12) A detail from the top of that hall.

(13) Up the stairs to the last compound (except the Chan Hall and the outside compounds that are closed so the inhabitants can practice in peace).

(14) The same gate from the inside--with flowers!

(15) The Dharma Hall and Sutra Repository

(16) Maitreya Buddha in the Dharma Hall. A little old monk attacked me when I took this picture; does anyone know how to say, "Use your words, Venerable"?

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