Fuyan Temple, Nanyue, Hunan
(August 14, 2012)

(1) Fuyan ("Rigorous Luck"?) Temple was about a 1km walk downhill from Nantai Temple (meaning I'd have to climb to get back to the bus stop--oh, well).

Again, an unorthodox Mountain Gate. This one is on the side (which isn't so uncommon), and gives out onto...

(2) This huge terrace, bigger than any hall in the temple.

(3) I really liked the style of the buildings in this temple.

(4) Almost all of the statuary was black, a refreshing change from all the faux jade.

(5) The arhats were especially good. I shot each one individually as well.

(6) The Nose-Picking Arhat? There's a common image of an arhat cleaning his ears to hear the Buddha better; is this guy dealing with his nose so he could smell the Buddha better? Anyway, several of the figures in this set represent an alternative iconography.

(7) This is the view heading out the Mountain Gate seen above. I like the look of the gate and the huge tree.

+ + + + + + + +

One more temple for this trip, to be visited tomorrow (though I took a sneak peek after dinner tonight, as it's walking distance from my hotel). Then it's home for a day or two, and then I think I'll be off on trip 19, which will put me only ten temples from the end! (I reached #116 of 142 today.) [2019 Update: I did indeed finish all but ten temples on that next trip--and to this date, August 2019, still have those same ten to go!]

Tired as I was when I got off the mountain, nevertheless I went in search of food. I've included some shots of my walk in my next day's pictures, as they're near the temple I visited.

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