Nantai Temple, Nanyue, Hunan
(August 14, 2012)

(1) Once I got back to the bus, I went halfway down the mountain and changed to another bus that took me directly to Nantai (South Terrace) Temple. There was still a little walking to do, however.

But when I got out of the bus, I saw this monk with family visiting. I couldn't resist a shot of him with his nephew.

(2) The Mountain Gate of this temple is inexplicably offset from the main axis. Entering, you turn right and walk 30 feet or so to the terrace in front of the Heavenly Kings' Hall. The terrain doesn't seem to require it; it may just be something to do with having an enclosed terrace.

(3) A pretty nice set of three "jade" Buddhas in the main hall

(4) Another set of Arhats-in-cupboards, like at Kaifu Temple in Changsha. The little squares on the walls are memorial papers purchased by loved ones of the deceased.

(5) This detail is on the back of the main hall (shot from the next terrace up).

(6) I was attracted by the view of these huge stone bowls through the archway.

(7) Once upon a time, these carved steps were the way to get to the relics pagoda. Thank Buddha, not anymore.

(8) This is a very new pagoda. It's said to contain relics of the Buddha; a friendly monk gave me a book on it (in Chinese) so I can do some research.

(9) And here's the friendly monk! This guy "introduced" himself by clapping at me because I started to walk into the pagoda with my shoes on (few temples in China require you to remove your shoes). He told me he was 80 (he's actually 54, the layman who took the picture told me), and showered me with little gifts: a book of prayers, the aforementioned booklet about the pagoda, a folding fan, and a piece of fruit. What a guy.

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