The Road to Wutai Shan
(August 24, 2012)

(1) After my bus sped toward Wutai Shan for a couple of hours, it slowed down as the road got windier and we started to climb. Looking out the window, I noticed watch towers on precarious perches.

It was about a four-hour ride from Datong to Wutai Shan. Part of the route followed my return to Datong from the Wooden Pagoda yesterday.

(2) Here are two watch towers close together, perhaps on either side of a pass.

(3) A young English-speaking tour guide was in the bus with us, returning from a trip home. He told me this pailou (gate) leads to the East Terrace, one of the five that Wutai is named for.

(4) He also told me when to look and sure enough: it's a fort, he thinks from the Qing Dynasty. This is cropped from a telephoto shot through a bus window, so the lighting's weird.

+ + + + + + + +

Now in my room on Wutai Mountain, a Buddhist paradise. Fairly early to bed (elevenish, for the first time this trip!) so I can get a head start on my mission: 11 temples in 4 days before I move on from here.

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