Huineng's Birthplace,
Xinxing, Guangdong
(July 29, 2012)

(1) This is the gateway to the village where Huineng was born; I walked the 1km between them. On his excellent blog, Wayne says that the hall on the site is located where the original house was located.

(2) The front of the hall with Huineng inside

(3) Laughing Buddha in the foreground, Huineng in the far back. Note the images of other Chan (Zen) patriarchs lining the top of the wall in the front room.

(4) Looking out the side door to the Guanyin Hall. The green building beyond includes a veg dining hall (unfortunately closed).

(5) The Guanyin inside looks kind of Victorian to me.

(6) Looking back: Guanyin Hall on the right, Huineng Hall back left.

(7) Next to the residence is a school, and next to that (facing the plaza/parking area) is this dilapidated house. The village's half-moon pond is behind. This would make a great place for a Buddhist/English institute. (Universe, are you listening?)

(8) The pond behind the building in the previous picture.

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