Trip 17: Northern Guangdong
(July 22-29, 2012)

Mei An, Zhaoqing, Guangdong

Trip 17, to Northern Guangdong, naturally involved two famous monks: Huineng, the Sixth Patriarch of Chan (Zen), and Master Xuyun, Chan's greatest 20th-century practitioner. I based myself in Shaoguan for most of the trip, before moving down to Zhaoqing for the last three sites.

Many of the places I went on this trip were inspired by a familiar source, Bill Porter's Zen Baggage. A more surprising reference, though, was an online thesis by a Dutch PhD student named Kees Kuiken. The Other Neng provided lots of alternative sites that may have been related to Huineng's life.

Incidentally, here's a brief itinerary for Trip 17 on my Key Temples archive.


Here for your convenience is the same list found on the Guide Page for the Facebook albums.

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