Wujin An, Shaoguan, Guangdong
(July 25, 2012)

(1) I shared a picture of the front gate of this small nunnery, Wujin An, in my Nanhua Temple album. It was named for Huineng's first female disciple.

Frankly, the place looked run-down. Even the pavers were unsteady. But the piles of lumber around led me to believe that better days were coming. This is the view past the "Three Saints' Hall" to where the front hall of the compound sits to the right of the incense burner pictured.

(2) The front of the front hall

(3) The place is still homey (I hope the renovations don't mess that up...but if history is any indication...) Anyway, there are actually no "Heavenly Kings" in the front hall. In their place are chalkboards, with wonderful art...

(4) A chalk Guanyin

(5) A chalk Laughing Buddha

(6) A chalk pavilion

(7) Looking out the back door of the "chalkboard hall" toward the main hall, you can see two things of note: lots of rain, and a Guinea hen alarm system installed on the small shelter.

(8) The main hall had a couple of oddities. First, I've seen lots of Jade Buddhas, but I don't recall seeing his attendants (Enan=Ananda and Jiaye=Kasyapa) in jade before. The overall effect is light and airy.

(9) Secondly, the 18 Arhats were also jade...

(10) ...and cartoony.

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