Yingjiang Temple, Anqing, Anhui
(June 25, 2012)

(1) TEMPLE #100! Yingjiang Temple in Anqing is the 100th I've visited from my list of 142. YAY! It's famed for the 1570 Zhenfeng Pagoda seen here (on which more shortly).

(2) The anchors on the front porch emphasize its other feature: "Yingjiang" means "Facing the River," and that it does: It's right on the north banks of the mighty Yangtze.

(3) Inside the main hall, I discovered that far too many of the statues are shiny gold--not my favorite style.

(4) The pagoda behind the main hall. Long ago, it seems, most Chinese temples had pagodas positioned somewhere on the main axis, instead of in side gardens as is more typical today. In fact, I read somewhere that temples were often founded as ta yuan, or "pagoda compounds."

(5) Close-up of the pagoda's first floor.

(6) The pagoda is so close to the back of the main hall that there was no room for the back door!

(7) I was excited when I saw the signboard on the third hall: It said "Vairocana," my favorite Buddha.

(8) But alas: My favorite Buddha in my least-favorite style!

(9) The hall was lined, though, with far more attractive statues of the 20 devas (mainly Hindu gods).

(10) As I ate dinner in the veg restaurant next to the front gate, I had this view of the nearby river.

(11) The Anqing City Museum is next to the temple, and seems a part of it; the museum's back courtyard is within the temple's grounds.

(12) This goofy-looking "lion" is in front of the museum.

(13) Around the corner to the east, I spotted this statue-maker's shop, with...

(14) ...some very interesting figures inside the gate.

(15) In the other direction, west of the temple along the river, I saw these heavenly-kings-in-progress.

(16) And perhaps they'll end up standing guard around this guy!

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