Trip 16: Anhui including Jiuhua Shan
(June 20-30, 2012)

Gu Baijing Tai, Jiuhua Shan, Anhui

Most of Trip 16 was spent on Jiuhuashan, one of China's four Buddhist mountains.

Jiuhua is the one dedicated to Dizang (Kshitigarbha) Bodhisattva, who saves souls from hell. The association is tied up with the arrival of a Korean monk hundreds of years ago, who was later believed to be Dizang. In addition to Jiuhuashan, I'm visiting three temples from my base in nearby Anqing.

Incidentally, here's a brief itinerary for Trip 16 on my Key Temples archive.


Here for your convenience is the same list found on the Guide Page for the Facebook albums.

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