Zhiyuan Temple, Jiuhuashan
(June 24, 2012)

(1) This is the entryway to Zhiyuan Si, located next to the main gate to the mountain. Cool name: it means "Jetavana Grove," a place in India where the Buddha often lived and taught.

(2) Here, in the center of the first gate, between the Generals Heng and Ha, is Wang Ling Guan, whom we met at Roushen Dian. In posting that pic, I called him a "crazy man," and a 15-year-old Singaporean wrote to ask me to remove the word "crazy" at once. I didn't, on many grounds (from free speech to the idea that the gods--and all holy personages--are crazy, by normal standards). I wonder how the child will feel when I say this: Whoever built the phone booth forgot to accommodate the sword! (A phenomenon I've seen before on this mountain.)

(3) This is the "courtyard" of this mountainside temple. Not much room for the court!

(4) A nice set of three Buddhas in the main hall.

(5) In a small hall across from the main hall was this amazing 1000-armed Guanyin. Ordinarily seen with the Amitabha Buddha in her crown, here she has him emanating and floating above her head. An unusual and very ancient-looking image.

(6) Next to the main hall is a Dizang Hall (natch). This one has five panels on a side depicting the ten hell judges and activities in hell; see the next pic.

(7) This is hell-panel #1. I was able to shoot all ten of them fairly well; I'll try to get someone to translate the "captions" and post them all some day.

(8) There was nothing spectacular about the Dizang statue in the room above the main hall, but the room itself was cool.

(9) Up the hill behind the main hall, there was a residence building with this Dizang relief on the stair landing.

(10) Also in that hall was an altar with this statue of the great recent monk Ren De, encountered at Shangchan Tang; I had to shoot him this way as there were other figures crowding in in front of him.

(11) The Chan (Zen, meditation) Hall sits high up the hill side; a monk (and the signage) said the area was closed to the public.

(12) I thought the design of these benches and tables in the dining hall was interesting.

(13) The back corner of the main hall. I like these colors a lot.

(14) Next to the temple is this hotel. On the way home (after the next temple) I spotted the sign at lower left, advertising a vegetarian restaurant. Alas, it was mid-afternoon break time, and I couldn't wait around two hours.

(15) Mark these words well.

(16) On my way home, I caught this angle on Zhantan Lin, where I was yesterday (and the day before). Look at all the colors.

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