Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot,
Wuxi, Jiangsu
(January 2, 2012)

BONUS POST: Our friend (and my former student) the monk Da'an (formerly Dao Cheng) asked us to come to Wuxi for the investiture of another of my students as abbot of a temple. For entertainment, Ven. Da'an took us to a "Buddhist Wonderland" called Lingshan in Wuxi. Here are some shots he took (we have more from our cameras, so shamefully prominent in many of these pictures...

[Note: I have watermarked these with the website, but not my copyright notice, since I didn't take them.]

(1) Lingshan is a massive park filled with Buddhist temples in various styles, and One.Big.Buddha.

(2) This hand is supposed to be the same size as the one on the colossal Buddha behind us in the previous picture.

(3) Resting in the palm of the Buddha...

(4) Do I look ecstatic, or what?

(5) "Put your hand in the hand..."

(6) A Thai-style building

(7) Near the Tibetan-style temple

(8) With Mr. Hua, our driver. He bought us small statues of the Big Buddha and the hand. A really wonderful guy.

(9) Watching the Baby Buddha get a Bath.

(10) One revolution = one mantra--the easy way.

(11) Lila loves birds!

(12) With our deer ones.

(13) I dunno, something just possesses me when I see this Big Guy...

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