Trip 14: Fujian to Guangdong (January 17-22, 2012)

Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen, Fuzhou

Trip 14--my first of 2012--took me back to Fujian (this time the southern half) as well as into the furthest eastern reaches of Guangdong Province, which allowed me to take a bus home.

I was able to see the four temples on my Fujian itinerary from a single base in Xiamen, then took a bus (at holiday time!) to Shantou, Guangdong, from which I was able to bus up to Chaozhou and my sixth and final temple of the trip, before bussing back to Shenzhen on Chinese New Year Day.

Incidentally, here's a brief itinerary for Trip 14 on my Key Temples archive.


Here for your convenience is the same list found on the Guide Page for the Facebook albums.

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