Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen, Fujian
(January 17, 2012)

(1) This is the front of Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen; temple in the center; defunct lotus pond in front; hills behind; and lots of pagodas.

(2) Here's the same view, a little closer up.

(3) Nanputuo's Maitreya Buddha was unique, carved from wood and unpainted.

(4) As you can see, the courtyard wasn't that crowded. The little girl to the left exhibits great form as she participates in the time-honored tradition of trying to throw a coin through one of the small windows of the pagoda.

(5) The Buddha is in the center; one fascinating thing here is he is flanked by (among others) the Hindu gods Indra and Brahma. See the bearded figure on the right? That's one of them; haven't figured out which yet.

(6) Unusually, the eighteen arhats were not in the Buddha hall, but in the corridors outside it. Still flanking the Buddha, though.

(7) What every preacher needs: a good soundboard. This one was in the back corner of the main hall, shot through a window.

(8) The front of the "Great Compassion" Hall, housing several statues of Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion.

(9) This is the ceiling over the Guanyins in the "Great Compassion" Hall. Note the Buddha emanating from the statue's head.

(10) Who do you think would win? (Alternate title: Venerable Toreador.)

(11) The Dharma (Preaching) Hall

(12) I love this way this is put: "Visiting Declined." I've felt like saying that myself once or twice.

(13) The gable ends of the halls were quite ornate. This is the unfinished Dharma Hall; you can just see a painter working outside, in the bottom right.

(14) In the "Tathagata Scenery," several of the rocks had the figure for "Buddha" carved into them. This one was especially fancy, and highly venerated.

(15) Many temples "take in" abandoned statues. This one had a unique home for them: a cave!

(16) I said my prayers in front of this pagoda. Haven't found out who it's dedicated to yet.

(17) This child denied being a monkey, when I asked... Amongst the rocks behind the temple.

(18) This pavilion is over the front of a cave that has a properly-fitted door. Inside...

(19) one of the ugliest collections of statues I've ever seen. Sorry, lords.

(20) The Preaching Hall downstairs and the Meditation Hall upstairs make an impressive building.

(21) This big, beautiful, Bodhi tree (the kind the Buddha sat under) hangs over one corner of the Meditation Hall. I noticed a lot of Bodhi trees around, including a row on the sidewalk out front.

(22) This is a monument to Hong Yi, one of the great masters of the 20th century, who was abbot here.

(23) Close up of Master Hong Yi.

(24) Alas! This charming little veg dining room was closed for business by the time I got there.

(25) So was this one, outside the gate, next to the lotus pond. I had to walk quite a way to find a veg restaurant.

(26) This sign is hanging on a tree. "No admittance" to what?

(27) Seen in Xiamen earlier in the day: A cultural collision, where the Chinese god of wealth (born five days after Chinese New Year) is seen on a "snow-covered" balcony under "snowy" eaves and the message "Merry Christmas!"

(28) Seriously? Soy sauce flavor liquor?

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