Dizang Temple, Fuzhou, Fujian
(October 22, 2011)

(1) Arriving at Fuzhou Airport, I took a bus into town and a taxi straight to my first temple--even before checking in at the hotel! Dizang Temple is squeezed into an alleyway in the eastern part of the city. As I took this shot of the first hall, people were passing on bikes and on foot.

(2) This is the back of the Heavenly Kings Hall (the first hall), with two small ponds. The whole place seems kind of squeezed in.

(3) To the right of the first hall is the Dizang Hall, dedicated to the bodhisattva who vowed to save all beings from the six hells. Because of his function, this temple (like the Dizang Halls in other temples) functions as a mausoleum. Note the ornate ceiling; we'll see another at the next temple (a sort of regional trait).

(4) Few of the statues were worthy of note; I'm not a big fan of that gold-y look, which they all had. Here's the Guanyin behind the main altar; I shot it from outside, as there was a ceremony in the main hall, and it was locked up (and I was politely kicked out) immediately after. So no pics of the main figures, Shakyamuni and his usual companions.

(5) The Heavenly Kings were pretty cool, though; very Indian looking. But alas, they were behind glass, so lots of reflections in the pics.

(6) This is some kind of tomb, but it looks more like a rain barrel. I saw two more the next day, though one (pic coming) was more interesting than this. Anyway, I'll need someone to read the Chinese signage for me before I can tell you "who" this is.

(7) This was my one real "find" of the day. This ancient nun (Dizang Si is a nunnery) was sitting near the front gate as I walked in. Later, after I said my devotions, she was coming slowly toward me. Encountering three low steps, she was about to turn away when I jumped up and offered my hand. To my surprise, she accepted it, and "thanked" and "Buddha bless you'd" me repeatedly. She had the incense marks burned into her scalp, which indicate she's the "real deal," not just an old lady looking for a place to stay. She charmed me completely. (See the door next to her? It's standard sized, and a little past her, so that gives you a sense of her height.)

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