Trip 12: Northern Fujian
(October 22-29, 2011)

Nangshan Cishou Temple, Putian, Fujian

Trip 12 was the first of two trips into Fujian Province (the other would be in January of the following year), and took me to Fuzhou, Ningde, Fuqing, and Putian.

Part of the fun in this trip was seeing my old friend Venerable Deru and his (biological) brother, Chen Hui, a tea master. Deru showed me around on the 4th day, taking me back to the temple where we first met, as well as his current temple and some others in Fu'an. The next day he had his brother take me to Gushan, the famous "Drum Mountain." And he sent me more "angels" on my final day to take me up to Nan Shaolin Temple (a mixed blessing).

Wanfu Temple was also a highlight, connecting me back to my time in Japan.

Incidentally, here's a brief itinerary for Trip 12 on my Key Temples archive.


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