Kumu An, Fuzhou, Fujian
(October 23, 2011)

(1) Across the road from the main gate is Kumu An, located on the far side of this new pond with a tacky Guanyin statue.

(2) As I walked around the pond, I spotted this ramshackle old country building. I love this kind of stuff, so "un-China."

(3) This cairn is located near the pond, too; there's another "rain-barrel" pagoda next to the An, like the one I saw yesterday; this one is so new its sign is still under wraps. But this cairn? Clearly ancient.

(4) Standing on the porch of the "An" (it means "hermitage" or sometimes nunnery), I saw this old lady going by carrying brush. No retirement plans for country folk!

(5) Just across from the outer gate of Chongsheng Temple is this country-style restaurant; the stove is just two burners against the back wall. It doesn't take much to make a living!

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