Tianning Temple, Zhengding, Hebei
(August 30, 2011)

(1) This modern pailou gate provides a nice entree to Lingxiao Pagoda at Tianning Temple, Zhengding.

(2) This is Carey, age 6. With prompting from her mom, she told me her name and age, then (after real coaxing) sang me "an English song." Can you guess what it is? On the grounds at Lingxiao Pagoda, Tianning Temple.

(3) Carey was singing "You Are My Sunshine." This is the Big Finish.

(4) Lingxiao Pagoda is also called "The Wooden Pagoda," as the top five stories are made of wood.

(5) Detail of Lingxiao Pagoda.

(6) This platform in front of the pagoda seems to have been a pavilion or gateway (note the post bases); it's not big enough to have been much else.

(7) From east side door looking west through the pagoda. The brick around the doors is painted red; I don't know if that's "authentic," but it looks classy.

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