The Trail from Tiantaisi, Jiuhuashan
(June 21, 2012)

(1) Most of the following pictures were on the trail between Gu Baijing Tai and Huiju Si. This one was just below Gu Baijing Tai next to a Guanyin Hall. It's Dizang again, this one as yet unfinished.

(2) Not far from the top of the trail down, I saw this view. See the shining white area? When I got back to my hotel I put two and two together and realized: this is the plaza in front of where I'm staying!

(3) I loved how the buildings were clinging to the mountainside. This one is called "Heaven's Bridge Temple"; the trail I walked leads over those arches.

(4) I couldn't resist a couple of shots of the unrelenting stairs. Notice that there are no landings, just one step after another; I once counted over 300 stairs without relief!

(5) Here's another shot of many, many stairs; this one leads into a building built over a small cave in a nunnery.

(6) In the same nunnery, the main hall is built up against a native rock with carving and an altar in front of it.

(7) At another nunnery, I was intrigued by this hobbit-y looking room over a stream.

(8) A nun in the "courtyard" (actually, just the trail running between two buildings) was winnowing something, I couldn't see what.

(9) Just below that nunnery, another nun (sorry for the unflattering angle) was tending the vegetable patch; one wrong step and it's a loooong way down. (BTW I really like seeing monastics doing agricultural tasks.)

(10) Here it is: proof that I walked down about 5km (3 miles): from Tiantai Si at the top to the "Phoenix Pine Sub-Service Center," 4680 + 420 = 5100 meters. Damn.

(11) Even between that sign and the end of the road, there were more temples, including this one. I hit the bottom around 5:20, and apparently the bus service stopped at 5:00. So I had to pay a little over a dollar for a ride with an illegal taxi. Well worth it, as it was another 8km to my hotel!

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