Guanghui Temple, Zhengding, Hebei
(August 30, 2011)

(1) Very near Linji Temple in Zhengding is the so-called "Hua Pagoda" in Guanghui Temple. Here it is as seen across the cornfield that separates the two temples.

(2) In the distance past the Hua Pagoda is the reason for the Muslim signage in this neighborhood of Zhengding.

(3) Looking past the gate of Guanghui Temple, we see the huge local mosque.

(4) "Hua" means "flower," and someone fancied that the Hua Pagoda looks like a bouquet.

(5) The base of the Pagoda. Note that there are actually four separate small pagodas around the base (two visible here).

(6) On closer inspection, the "flowery" part of the Hua Pagoda is actually made up of carvings of animals.

(7) Here's a closer look at the carvings on top portion of the pagoda.

(8) Broken stones in the back corner of the Hua Pagoda compound. These two are "bixi"; we'll see more at another temple later.

(9) This crappy little statue at the base of the pagoda was charming nonetheless. (Now, who does he remind me of?)

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