Linji Temple, Zhengding, Hebei
(August 30, 2011)

(1) Today's temples, in Zhengding, were basically just four pagodas, each located in its own enclosure. The pagodas were splendid, but the atmosphere was terrible--white and hot. Some shots were fogged even at just 10-15 meters away. Anyway, the most important pagoda, and the actual goal of trip to Zhengding, is Chengling (or Linji) Pagoda, and a "real temple," called Linji Temple, has been built around it.

(2) Linji Temple is important because the pagoda holds the remains of Linji Yixuan (d. 866) who founded the Linji (Japanese Rinzai) lineage of Chan (Japanese Zen).

(3) So when I did my devotions in front of the pagoda, I also "did a sit" for a few minutes.

(4) Another detail of the pagoda.

(5) Any Chinese-reading Zenmen who can tell me why I find this funny?

(6) In a small hall next to the Buddha Hall there are images of several Chan (Zen) masters; the framed black-and-white photo is of Master Xuyun, one of the greatest monks of the 20th century. His pagoda is at Nanhua Temple in Shaoguan. Of course, Linji is the center statue.

(7) In the alleys near Linji Temple in Zhengding, the signs over the doorways indicate a Muslim population. I found out why a little later.

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