Dizang Temple, Changchun, Jilin
(August 25, 2011)

(1) On to Changchun. One of the temples on my list, Dizang Si (The Temple of Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva), was quite small to begin with--just two halls. And then, it was closed for a major overhaul. See the blue-tarped area of the sidewalk? That's where the gate used to be. Something of a disappointment. (I entered by the side gate.) But someone kindly let me in for a few shots.

(2) Inside of the newly-finished gate at Dizang Temple, Changchun

(3) The main Buddha Hall at Dizang Temple in Changchun during its face-lift. That's a nun in the doorway; the temple is a nunnery.

(4) I sat on this pile of bricks outside the walls to do my devotions (this is, after all, a pilgrimage). An old lady temple volunteer interrupted me to give me the little stool in the foreground so I'd be more comfortable. Such compassion!

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