Jile Temple, Haerbin, Heilongjiang
(August 25, 2011)

(1) Jile Si, the "Temple of Bliss," was the only temple I needed to see in Harbin (or Haerbin). Here it is in the morning light; the "dim view" below was the night before.

(2) St. Sophia's Cathedral (1907, enlarged 1923) in Harbin is now an artspace; Wikipedia calls it "the largest Orthodox church in the far east." This was on a walk I took the evening before.

(3) My first look at Jile Temple was also on that walk after sundown. I went again--the shot above!

(4) Here's one I forgot to show you from yesterday: an "open-air" repair shop (he just sets up on the sidewalk) in Haerbin.

(5) This sweet little building at Jile Si in Haerbin houses a relic (of whom, I haven't found out yet); seems a strange contrast with the Ferris wheel at the theme park behind it (built on the site of the former Russian cemetery).

(6) Not sure what the screen next to this statue at Jile Si in Haerbin is for; to watch the game if you're bored? (Probably gives the words for chanting a ceremony or something.)

(7) A festive temple worker's bicycle at Jile Si, Haerbin.

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